The Hannangry Mob

Teresa May’s Brexit plan was laid out for us all today.

With a gleeful confidence, May announced that we are going to pay billions in administration costs, settlement fees, tariffs and trade losses in order to gain… leaving the European Court of Justice.

Will the UK will leave the Single Market? In name only – she is to ask for all trade to continue as it is.

Will the UK stop freedom of movement? In name only – where there is benefit to business or the government (ie in every case except the miniscule number of EU benefit claimants) migration and immigration will continue.

Will the UK be free of the red tape of Brussels? In name only – May admitted that trade with the EU will be subject to the same tariffs (at best) as before. She also pledged to enshrine Europe-established rights in UK law.

Will the UK benefit financially from the exit? No mention.

This all boils down to one thing: the PM is only interested in Hannan-ian Brexit.

Goodbye UKIP’s immigration demands.

Goodbye Boris’ millions.

Hello unfettered social policy.

But what else should we expect from lukewarm remainer May?

This is the pure, old school, bastard Tory holy grail wrapped up in a delusion of immigration reduction and spending promises.

Why? Well, guess who is up in the European Court all the time? The Iain Duncan Smith brigade trying to force through outrageous human rights violating social policy.

Comme j’ai dire plusieurs fois, quelle surprise!


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