This year is going to be a cracker!

Article 50 triggered? More Boris Johnson gaffes? Momentum imploding? A general election? Another Labour leadership election? Mayoral elections? Ambassador Farage? Paul Nuttall punching Ambassador Farage? Trump punching Ambassador Farage? Will it be a wall or a fence? The invention of new phrases and words with “Br” and “exit” in?

So much fun to be had – if only it was on Netflix not in the real world. Less the OA and more the Oh Sh..

For me, as always(!), I hope this year will be a turning point away from ideology and polemicism towards inclusionism and pragmatism.

The political awakening in the UK has been incredible. With so much talent coming into politics, it gives us all great hope as those enthused, passionate, intelligent, well-connected, highly skilled young men and women gain experience.

So in 2017, let’s tool up. Let’s read less commentary and more (verified!) statistics.

Let’s talk to people (not politicians) who don’t agree with us, who live in a different culture to us and let’s believe that they may have a point – or that their opposing view is born of something other than stupidity or malice.

Let’s find out what people who disagree with us talk about. It’s increasingly apparent that they are discussing parallel topics, not opposing views.

Let’s be productive, not defensive.

Let’s be altruistic – let’s be realistic about whether we are more excited about the thrill of a revolution, than we are concerned about the effect of a 2020 Conservative win.

Let’s be realistic about what the mass movement and protesting can achieve compared with the much simpler strategy of just making Labour electable. Even the most fervent Corbyn supporter must now be very concerned about Labour’s record-breaking low polling. Let’s think about what really needs to happen to reverse that.


Have a happy pragmatic new year!


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