May’s Labour Bomb

With the right of the Conservative party sated by their Brexit win – and UKIP now irrelevant and infighting – the Conservative leadership can now make an appeal to the centre.

In yesterday’s speech to conference May began the shift claiming an enthusiasm for the state, appealing to those who may be becoming convinced by the weight of professional opinion calling for more public investment.

The reality is that Hammond’s promise to build 40,000 homes over 5 years is so meaningless that it may as well be 4 not 40,000.

But this tiny gesture will be enough to convince enough voters that Cameron’s Etonocracy and Osbornes’s austerity are now in the past.

By putting a red pinpoint on a blue flag May can masquerade as working class champion.

Equally, painting Corbyn supporters as a deluded, wealthy, metropolitan elite will play very easily with a population which is thoroughly enjoying causing trouble for the imagined authority figures of the politically correct establishment.

Corbyn’s team had better react fast.

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