Does “Anti-Austerity” Sound a Bit Childish?

“Anti-austerity” is now a phrase which makes “most people” roll their eyes.

I wonder if it’s time the left stopped using the term “austerity” and started considering using terminology that sounds more “grown up”?

Based on the idea that we want to pursue active strategies (an expansionary borrowing policy where interest rates are near zero, or at least below the rate of inflation, or beneath the rate of projected growth pursuing a target inflation rate of about 2%) rather than protesting against current strategies, here are some flippantly suggested acronyms.

STECZIRB – Short Term Expansionary (Close to Zero Interest Rate) Borrowing.

PEMPTIP – Post Extraordinary Monetary Policy Targeted Inflationary Policy

SIRIRB – Sub-Inflation-Rate Interest Rate Borrowing


STR0NGERS – Short Term (Restricted to Zero / Negligible Growth Economies) Revival Spending


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