Whose Labour Party Is It Anyway?

I have to buy a box of doughnuts for a children’s party.

There are four boxes of mixed doughnuts left in the shop. They are all different mixes.

If it was my party, I’d go for the box full of novelty doughnuts with multiple toppings and wild fillings.

But I know that a lot of the kids prefer the plain ones.

I want them to have a great time, so I should give them what they want. Or maybe I should throw in a few unusual ones to broaden their minds. Or maybe I should get all unusual ones as they might never get another chance to try them.

Either way, when I vote for the new Labour leader when I choose which doughnuts to buy, I must remember that it is a party for the kids, which although I’m helping organise, I’m not the one who will ultimately have to live with the consequences of my decision.

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