Is Labour About to Go Supernova?

Just after the election I wrote about what I thought was required from the next Labour leader.

Regrettably, none of the candidates seem to possess the combination of natural authority, rapport with the public and desire to make policy based on evidence that Labour needs. So the party will still have a problem that even after the leadership election is won.

My (wishful) thinking is that there is likely to be another leadership contest before 2020.

If that happens, then maybe now is the time for some spring cleaning and an experiment.

In the creative arts, struggling creatives are often encouraged to go to the extreme – not to create a final product, but to expand their current methods, discover their limits, make mistakes and then come back to a more moderate state of mind to create new work. This is often the case where actors, artists or writers are stuck in a stale or underwhelming way of doing things and need to refresh themselves.

When a star goes supernova, the result is the enrichment of the interstellar medium with higher mass elements.

This could happen under Jeremy Corbyn. The party will put forward a radical agenda, and, unlike Miliband and Balls’ strategy of silence, the party and adherents of the left will be so energised by this unique opportunity that they will sell it hard.

There will be shock and horror, there will be mistakes, but the debate will widen beyond the startled hedgehog policy-making of Burnham and Cooper who are stuck in the headlights of Rupert Murdoch’s juggernaut.

Labour may make some surprising discoveries by expanding the debate. They may find that the public is tolerant or even supportive of what are currently seen as radical policies.

I do not think Corbyn can win an election though. And it is imperative that Labour win in 2020 to start repairing the damage to the public sector that is inevitable in the next five years.

It is time for a watershed, but based on current performance, by 2020 someone other than the existing leadership candidates will need to be at the helm.

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