More Hoodwinkonomics

George Osborne tells us today that he is introducing a living wage – which will rise to £9 by 2020.

I just dug out this graph from the Low Pay Commission:


If you extrapolate the rise in the minimum wage during the New Labour period (2000 to 2010) through to 2020 you might well end up with something close to a £9 minimum wage.

As the kids say, “lol”.

As Labour says, “Oish”.

As Iain Duncan Smith says, “YEEEAAAAHHH!”


One thought on “More Hoodwinkonomics

  1. Emma says:

    Yes, rebranding minimum wage as ‘ living wage’ doesn’t make it your policy! You can bet that the Conservative party will be riding high on this sleight of hand for a while!

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