I thought I’d start the new year on a lighter note.

Equal opportunity will hopefully be an important issue in 2015.

So here are some acronyms for the characters that play a part in the equal opportunity debate.

SODOFF: A “Son or Daughter of a Famous Family”

SODORF: A “Son or Daughter of a Rich Family”

MIOMO: Someone who can say I “Made it On My Own”

SODOMIP: A “Son or Daughter of Middle Income Parents”

SODOLIP: A “Son or Daughter of Low Income Parents”

LOPI: A person “Living Off Passive Income”

POPPI: “Partner of Person with Passive Income”

PLOPI: “Person Living Off a Partner’s Income”

BITGOFER: Someone “Basking In The Glory of a Friend’s Effectual Recommendation”

OKOP: Someone who is “Our Kind Of Person”

PAGDATTY: “Parent Actively Giving a Disproportionate Advantage To Their Young”

Hopefully, the self-pigeon-holing T-shirt range will available soon!

Oh…. and Happy New Year! May your year be full of fun, facts and verification.

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